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Five Years Later

Last week was the anniversary of Trump’s election defeat and the beginning of the Big Lie. But today I’m thinking of a different anniversary — the five-year anniversary of how our national nightmare began.

By Marc Elias

A woman peering over a Trump campaign yard soon through a pair of bincoculars that feature Hillary Clinton conceding the 2016 election in one lens and Rudy Guiliani hosting a press conference at Four Seasons Landscaping following the 2020 election in the other lens

Election Day 2021 Recap

We’re not going to sugarcoat it — this year’s elections were not what Democrats hoped for, with Republicans outperforming expectations in many races. Here is a recap of the most notable results from Election Day 2021.

By Democracy Docket

A defeated donkey accompanied by a ballot that says "OFFICIAL ELECTION BALLOT TERRY R. MCAULIFFE GOVERNOR and HALA S. AYALA LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR" and a red-tinted elephant accompanied by a ballot that says "OFFICIAL ELECTION BALLOT GLENN A. YOUNGKIN GOVERNOR and WINSOME E. SEARS LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR"

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