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The Races We’re Watching in 2021

2021 may be an “off” year for elections, but that doesn’t mean the elections that are happening are any less important. In today’s piece, we’re highlighting some of the most important races on the ballot this year.

By Democracy Docket

A collage featuring various Democratic 2021 candidates including gubernatorial nominees Terry McAuliffe (VA) and Phil Murphy (NJ), candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor Hala Ayala, and Boston mayoral candidate Michelle Wu

Redistricting Rundown: Colorado

Independent commissions are hailed as a common sense solution. But concerns raised about Colorado’s new districts highlight the reality that commissions can draw maps with the same deficiencies as ones drawn by politicians.

By Democracy Docket

A redistricting map of Colorado next to two dueling Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, one red and one blue, with the Rocky Mountains appearing in the background

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