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How Democrats Won the 2020 Election

Democrats need high levels of new voter registration, well-organized voter turnout operations and streamlined, constitutional and equitable access to the ballot box for voters of color in order to win elections.

By Democracy Docket

A moving box labeled "2020" with items that shaped the 2020 election including a USPS truck, a "VOTE" sign, a framed photo of RBG, a mask, a vile of the COVID-19 vaccine and more, mounted on a piece of graph paper with various data points

Voter Confidence in the 2020 Election

New analysis from the Voter Study Group. “Voices on the Vote,” published in May 2021 takes a look back at voter confidence in the 2020 election, and polled Americans about the barriers they faced at the ballot box.

By Democracy Docket

A pair of hands holding up a sign that says "VOTER SURVEY" featuring a range of smiley faces and other ways to measure voter satisifcation levels, mounted on a piece of graph paper with various data points

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