New Jersey Pre-printed Vote by Mail Application

Childs v. McGettigan

Successfully challenged New Jersey Clerk’s refusal to accept vote-by-mail ballot applications where the assistor portion of the ballot request form was incomplete. We filed suit in October 2015 on behalf of a New Jersey voter and General Majority PAC, which had been providing pre-printed vote-by-mail requests that the voter could sign and submit in order to receive a vote-by-mail ballot. Based on the pre-filed voter name and address information, the clerk had been rejecting signed and completed forms that had been returned by the voters, claiming that they were invalid because the portion of the form that must be filled out when someone physically assists a voter in completing the form was left blank. The New Jersey Superior Court found in our favor, holding that the Clerk was required to accept all such requests, despite that the assistor section was incomplete.

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New Jersey Senate Stay

Forrester v. The New Jersey Democratic Party Inc., et al.

Successfully opposed emergency application for stay regarding 2002 U.S. Senate election in New Jersey.

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New Jersey Recall

Committee to Recall Robert Menendez from the Office of U.S. Senator v. Wells, et al.

Successfully argued a case for Senator Menendez in the New Jersey Supreme Court against the constitutionality of a recall under New Jersey’s Uniform Recall Election Law. The court found that the Federal Constitution does not allow States the power to recall U.S. Senators.

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