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Felony Disenfranchisement Explained

In today’s Explainer, we dive into the laws that disenfranchise millions of Americans on the basis of criminal convictions. We outline the origin of these laws, how they reached today’s scale of exclusion and their unequal impact on people of color.

Prison Gerrymandering Explained

Redistricting is in full swing across the country after the 2020 census, but the way that the census and the majority of states count their incarcerated populations goes against the notion of equal representation.

Legal Jargon 101

Courts hold immense power when it comes to voting rights, but there are many terms that are unique to the legal profession, which can make it hard to follow along.

What Is a Recall Election?

In today’s Explainer, we answer some questions about recall elections — how and why they occur, how this trend can undermine the will of the majority and what the stakes are in the biggest state in the nation this September.

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