State of North Carolina

North Carolina Voter ID Challenge (Holmes)

Holmes v. Moore

Lawsuit filed by individual voters challenging a North Carolina voter ID law, Senate Bill 824, that provides a narrow list of qualifying photo IDs acceptable for voting. The complaint argues that this law violates the Equal Protection Clause of the North Carolina Constitution because it was passed with the intent to discriminate against African American voters. The state trial court denied the plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction, which was reversed by the North Carolina Court of Appeals. S.B. 824 remained temporarily enjoined while the case proceeded to trial, after which the trial court permanently enjoined the law, finding that it was passed with the intent, at least in part, to discriminate against African American voters in violation of the state constitution. The defendants appealed this decision to the North Carolina Court of Appeals, but then petitioned the North Carolina Supreme Court to take over the case before the appellate court ruled on it. The state Supreme Court accepted the petition and litigation is ongoing before it.

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