Texas Republicans Push Through Voter Suppression Bills Before Deadline

WASHINGTON, D.C.—As the Texas legislature rushes to finish their omnibus voter suppression bill SB 7 before the end of the session, they’re pushing through smaller bills and additional restrictions to supplement the effort. On Thursday, during the final week of the legislative session, Republicans sent two new suppression bills to the Governor. SB 1113 would allow the Secretary of State to withhold state funds from registrars if they do not regularly purge voter registrations. SB 1111 would ban voters from using commercial P.O. boxes as their address to register—a practice often used by churches who allow homeless parishioners or those without addresses to use the church P.O. box to register. 

Republicans in the legislature are using the last days of the legislative session to effectively disenfranchise as many voters as possible. The final version of SB 7, a sweeping voter suppression bill that has faced pushback from corporations and voting rights advocates, is expected to pass this weekend. 

Read SB 1113 here.

Read SB 1111 here.