Safeguarding Vote By Mail


Increasingly, we are seeing calls for states to adopt no-excuse absentee and vote by mail.

This is a very important step in ensuring the right to vote, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as with any method of voting, there are safeguards that are necessary to prevent voter disenfranchisement.

Here are the four vote by mail requirements that, at a minimum, states should implement to ensure that eligible voters may fully participate in the election this November.

1. Postage must be free or prepaid by the government

2. Ballots postmarked on or before Election Day must count

3. Signature matching laws need to be reformed to protect voters

4. Community organizations should be permitted to help collect and deliver voted, sealed ballots

Below is a breakdown of the number of states with each safeguard:

One thing that all states share going into the 2020 general election is the extent to which the COVID-19 outbreak will change the way Americans vote. The impacts of the COVID-19 virus will affect voters, government officials, and volunteer poll workers alike.

Below is a review of the legal landscape in all 50 states regarding our four mail voting requirements that states can implement to ensure that voters may fully participate in the election this November:

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Safeguarding Vote By Mail