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UPDATE: Disenfranchised IA-02 Voters Demand Their Votes Be Counted

January 2, 2021

WHEATLAND, IOWA — On Thursday, voters whose ballots have yet to be counted in Iowa’s Second Congressional District Candidate race came together to call for their votes to be included in this exceedingly close race. The voters, who have signed affidavits attesting that their votes were legally cast and wrongfully not counted, have joined Rita Hart in asking the U.S. House to fulfill their constitutional duty and ensure every Iowan’s vote is counted. As outlined in Rita’s Notice of Contest, there are a total of 22 legally-cast ballots that were excluded from the initial count. When counted, those votes will put Hart ahead by 9 votes and make her the lawful winner of this exceedingly close race. In addition to those 22 votes, Hart is asking the House to conduct a full hand recount and examine all ballots cast in the race.

The Associated Press has yet to call a winner in this race.

Read the Notice of Contest here.